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Serving Pharmacies

Hub for distribution of pharmaceuticals

Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG was founded in 1916. Nowadays, we deliver our whole range of products in less than 90 minutes, to more than 90% of Austrian pharmacies, seven days a week, from our seven distribution centres. The company is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler and -service provider in Austria accounting for roughly 50% of the market.

The Herba Group has its head office in Vienna and has two subsidiaries Sanova and Aewige. Sanova markets a variety of healthcare products for major companies and acts as their central distribution hub for Austria. Aewige is the business partner for dispensing doctors’ practices that are mainly located in rural areas.

Herba Chemosan is the world’s first pharmaceutical wholesaler to apply SAP at all levels which guarantees the most modern and efficient working processes and excellent delivery services.

The Herba Group employs approx. 900 people and is one of Austria’s leading companies.