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What drives us

Real added value

For our clients and employees

Every day we strive to give our clients in Austria’s healthcare sector the very best service. We turn opportunities into benefits for our clients, giving what we do a unique identity. Both our vision and mission and our brand equity guide the way we do business.

Not only do we provide our customers with pharmaceuticals, we provide them on the best terms. Not only do we supply pharmacies, but our drivers have developed  relationships of mutual trust with them. Not only do we store pharmaceuticals, we manage the largest pharmaceutical warehouse in Austria, guaranteeing nationwide coverage.

Our vision of the future and our response to the challenges that will appear are driven by our commitment to provide benefits to our clients. Every day personal contact, security through continuity, our wide range of services and our distinctive style add real value for our customers .

Herba delivers – we actively support our clients’ success in everything we do.

Dr Andreas Windischbauer        Dr. Andreas Janka        Mag. Maximilian Künsberg-Sarre