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ACM – raw material and homeopathy specialist

Natural health

Approx. 2,500 ACM own-brand products are available to supply all the ingredients a pharmacy needs for magistral preparations and their own special products. The range covers bases and raw materials for the production of ointments, preservatives, fillers, active ingredients for capsules and suppositories plus essential oils, syrups and tinctures. All of our products are certified, according to the strict quality requirements of the Austrian and European pharmacopoeia.

In a sense, ACM is Herba Chemosan’s delicatessen. Even unusual materials are immediately available and can be delivered  quickly – our level of service has achieved a remarkable 99%. The ACM-Team is the first point of contact for complementary medicine and provides expert knowledge of around 10,000 homeopathic products

ACM employees can also be found in pharmacies, where they advise on the use of bases, raw materials, active substances and homeopathy.