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Together we move more

Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is vital for the company’s future. Day by day we are supporting that commitment.

Our responsibility

It is our purpose to deliver better health for everyone. That’s what drives all Herba Chemosan employees in Austria. And that is what drives our Corporate Responsibility Strategy.

We examined where in our value chain we have an impact on the environment and society, and what this impact is – whether we are dealing with negative effects that need to be reduced, or with positive added value that we create for our patients, our employees and the community.

A sustainable future for Herba Chemosan

We are applying our efforts exactly where we can make a difference:

Product Quality and Patient Safety
Sustainable quality and supply chain management for greater sustainability in healthcare: When we talk about quality, we don't only look at individual products and services, but at the entire value chain – because the safety and well-being of our customers are always our top priority. 

Eco-efficient Operations and Transportation
Protection of the environment and climate through effective energy management, optimised transport logistics and efficient use of resources: At Herba chemosan, we see it as our responsibility to reduce emissions that affect the climate. That is why we are constantly optimising our processes and taking a range of measures to ensure that we use resources efficiently.

Better Health for our Employees and Communities
With logistics know-how, pharmaceutical expertise, local presence and commitment, we inspire colleagues, customers and patients alike: Together we are committed to people and their well-being: with logistics know-how, pharmaceutical expertise, local presence – and the great commitment of our employees.

United by our core of responsibility - but independent in our concrete actions

Acting in a responsible way is a uniting force and connects Herba Chemosan branches across the country. Within the field of actions, we are taking our specific needs into consideration. 

Working for people

As an Austrian business, Herba Chemosan has an obligation to both the Austrian health care sector and to society as a whole. We support a range of charitable projects. We are, of course, regularly involved in disaster relief and other emergency situations, providing a continuous supply of pharmaceutical products.

It is our concern to take over responsibility for our customers by pro-actively taking a stand for the role of community pharmacy as well as the pharmacist as highly qualified health professional in today’s challenged health system and we advocate this by these position papers.