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Pharmaceutical wholesaler

What we accomplish for our customers

Seven distribution centers

With 7 distribution centres  around the country, we are Austria’s leading pharmaceutical wholesaler. As the hub for pharmaceutical logistics, we set the standards in terms of environmental issues and economic efficiency. We fulfil our supply commitment with a distinctive range of skills and are a central part of the Austrian health care system. Around 50% of all drugs sold in Austria’s pharmacies is supplied from one of our distribution centers.

We stock more than 43,000 products and provide a further 100,000 products via single customer requests every year. In line with the latest standards (AMBO 2009), an average of 110,000 order lines are picked into 15,000 delivery boxes daily. We supply more than 1,100 pharmacies and hospitals every day. Every year we  deliver 100 million packages travelling around 11 million kilometres.

Our logistics network is able to supply every pharmacy in the country within 90 minutes. Using the latest cool storage and transport technology plus state-of-the-art security measures along with a 24-hour emergency service, we set the highest service standards for others to follow.  Austria’s patients can rely on us to provide them with the health care products they need in line with the latest industry standards and regulations.

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